Photos are used as visual aids to our memory. Majority of the time they simply remind participants what had happened at a given time and give a glimpse to others who were not there.
The photos we received from Noa and Lois were much more than just simple reminders.
We were the very lucky recipients of the free wedding package giveaway, and Erin and I had a very small and intimate wedding in the mountains near where we live. Because it was such a small group of people we really wanted photos that could speak to those who were not there, and that is exactly what we got. It is of a consistent and genuine response from everyone we show our photos to, each time they talk about the emotion in each particular photo, or the mood that was captured. Even though they weren’t at the wedding they all share the feeling that we were experiencing during that time. It is a pretty rare ability to bring the emotion created by such an event, the landscape that is surrounding, and the exact expression to tie together the perfect photo, and once that is done, do it multiple times over, to give you an entire portfolio that tells your story with no words at all.
They manage to do all of this while keeping things light and relaxed.
Our wedding had to be delayed a few hours due to a road closure, and the weather was less than ideal, at no point did they show any sign of panic or disorder. They simply adjusted to fit the changes and continued in a professional manner.
We are lucky to call Noa and Lois friends, and are extremely grateful we were able to have them as our photographers.

Erin & Jan Kotyk, Golden BC

“My husband and I were lucky enough to work with Lois and Noa on 03.26.16 in Calgary, Alberta.

We were generously selected as winners to a contest they held which rewarded us with a complimentary wedding day photography session. Amazing I know. The two of them were so easy to work with and meshed well with all our guests making a seamless and charming experience. They kept all of our ideas in mind and brought their own stunning creativity to the table. They were punctual and professional, yet easy going. They are two seriously incredible people who exceeded our expectations.Most importantly, we sincerely LOVE our photos!All our energy, emotions and love were captured perfectly. We absolutely love the editorial appeal and the unique perspective they took. We will forever remember our wedding day through our photos which take us back to those moments every time we look at them.

Thank You Lolo and Noa!!”

-Tina & Bryce Rawding, Calgary AB

“I would HIGHLY recommend Lois and Noa for any of your photography needs. We had Lois and Noa photograph our small wedding this July. They were easy to communicate with and fun to work with. They went above the call of duty of a wedding photographer and were SO helpful. I am very picky about photography, and Lois and Noa exceeded my expectations. Lovely ladies and lovely photos.”

-Lauren & Alex Masarie, Fort Collins Colorado

“We had the pleasure of having Lois and Noa photograph our July wedding at Hillside Chalets. Upon originally contacting them, they responded promptly and were easy to arrange all the details for our wedding with. We met with them during a Golden trip prior to our wedding and it was clear what a great choice we had made. They are both so passionate about their work and talent and their excitement about all the little details was contagious. On our wedding day, their professionalism and calm approach was felt by all and they made our wedding photos an enjoyable experience. Many of our wedding party and family members commented on how wonderful both Lois and Noa are. They sought out a unique and beautiful backdrop for photos of just us and they turned out absolutely gorgeous. Their knowledge of Golden and surrounding area is an asset and we loved the uniqueness and rustic beauty of where they chose. Our wedding photos were sent to us promptly and we are so happy with them and will cherish them for many years to come. These ladies put their heart and soul into their work and truly have a special talent, we thank them for sharing it with us on our wedding day.”

-Amber & Ryan Bouvier, Calgary AB

“I’ve known Noa for most of life, so when she and Lois created Lolo & Noa Photography, the choice was easy for us to have a lifelong friend capture our wedding day.  Both Chris and I knew we would be comfortable with Noa and Lois taking our photos, and we weren’t let down.  The ease, professionalism and humour they used to guide a large party of people through the session took away the taxing and often awkward element of posing for photographs and turned it into a part of the day that allowed us to take a breath, relax and really take it all in.  They were constantly on the lookout for unique photo opportunities and caught many candid moments, which was really important to me and my husband.  There was never a doubt that we would love our photos and whenever we look at them it’s evident these two are a phenomenal, artistic team.  Lois & Noa made sure to take care of us as they would any clients, and went the extra mile throughout the whole process by taking the time to find out what kind of photos were most important to us, capturing our true personalities, and sending such a beautiful final package to us.  We are truly thankful to these ladies for bringing their inspired creativity to our wedding day.”

-Dani Berube, Cranbrook BC

“Lois and Noa were outstanding! Together they have a great creative energy, combining the highest standard of professionalism with a genuine passion for the art of photography. From our first meeting with them, Lois and Noa demonstrated the care and attention to detail that characterizes their work. During our wedding shoot, they put us completely at ease, and we had a fantastic time capturing creative shots with them! The result was a simply stunning series of photographs – picking one or two to frame is going to be impossible- and we could not be happier with the entire experience. These ladies have an incredible artistic talent and are truly a joy to work with!”

– Brie & Mark Harding, Edmonton AB

“My husband and I decided that a traditional wedding was not something we wanted. Big Sur, CA is where we chose to have our wedding, with 2 of our best friends as witnesses. It was really important to us to capture the day and be able to really share it with our families and friends back home. We luckily were able to have Lolo & Noa come down and shoot our elopement for us. Their style and professionalism is incomparable. Our wedding photos were perfect. They captured our very intimate moments, along with the raw and natural beauty of the Northern California coastline. The creativity that this duo brings to their photography is on point, and  gently ‘coached’ my husband and I, making us feel comfortable and at ease in front of lens (something we don’t usually like!). I can’t wait to have Lolo and Noa capture more of our beautiful moments in life.”

-Chandra Levac, Vancouver BC

“To be honest, both Stevie and I get really nervous while having our picture taken, or just being the center of attention really!  I’m that friend that always has to make a silly face in pictures just to put myself more at ease.  I did not feel this way at all with them, at least after we all had a giggle about it and shook it off.  But in all seriousness, the professionalism and encouragement was exactly what I needed to get me through.  I didn’t even notice them taking pictures during the ceremony.  The way the pictures turned out are better than I could have ever imagined!  I’ve recommended them to all of my friends, and have already arranged for them to take my maternity photos!  Thanks again ladies for capturing so many great memories!”

-Megan Hjorleifson, Banff, AB

“We couldn’t have been happier having Noa and Lois look after our engagement and wedding photos. The photos that they capture in natural light are amazing! They were so professional from start to finish and made the experience very enjoyable.”  

-Matt Rollins, Calgary 

“We can honestly say that Noa and Lois took our wedding to another level.  Their ability to capture a moment is brilliant.  They put us at ease in front of the camera, made the entire experience so fun.  And to top it off their photos are incredible. We couldn’t be happier with our engagement photos and our wedding photos.  These two are amazing.  Take their passion very seriously and the results show!!”

– Rachel Rollins, Calgary AB

“We were hoping for three or four gems; instead, we got a whole album of them.  There’s no way we ever thought pictures could capture the beauty, fun, and happiness of our day.  We were blown away. Unconventional and absolutely stunning- if you’re getting married in Golden, you have to get Lolo & Noa! (And if you’re not getting married in Golden… change your venue!) Lolo & Noa are super-professional, discrete, and efficient.  And crazy, crazy talented.” 

-Jacqueline & Kyle Peterson, Toronto ONT

“We are a couple from Austria and got married at Kicking Horse on August 30th. As we are from Austria, it was quite hard to organise everything for the wedding, and one of the most important things to us was getting great photos.  I looked up all the photographers in Golden and even some from Calgary and was immediately fascinated and captured by the portfolio from Lolo & Noa. I fell in love with their bohemian style and their sensitive feeling for capturing moments. I was pretty excited to meet them in person and they exceeded my expectations. Both my husband and me are totally blown away by the creativity and style of our wedding photos! And on top of it, they are both the nicest people and you feel totally comfortable and at ease with them . I really haven’t seen any better wedding photos before, and all my friends back here in Austria were totally inspired too. So if you’re looking for something more special than traditional wedding photos, you should definitely book Lolo & Noa!”

-Nina & Michael Kneissl, Austria

“Dani and I were a little bit apprehensive about the wedding photography. We didn’t want photos that were too staged or posed. Noa and Lois listened to what we wanted and delivered above and beyond our expectations. We felt comfortable with them right away and really enjoyed the process.  They captured us together so beautifully with some very artistic shots and from all sorts of angles that we didn’t see ourselves. Not only have they helped us remember the day, they bring back all the feelings and show the venue in all its natural glory. They did an absolutely amazing job at capturing the true spirit of day. Lolo and Noa photography are a step further than just family shots, they produce art. I would highly recommend them to any of our friends and family. They provided us with photos that we will cherish forever.”

“To be honest, I was pretty apprehensive about the whole wedding photo thing.  I am not that comfortable in front of a camera and I didn’t want photographers to get in the way of the flow of the day. I could not have been more surprised.  Lois and Noa made our day even better by capturing it an unobtrusive way that was fun and easy for everyone.  Some of our requested photos were not easy to co-ordinate and these ladies pulled it off in a relaxed, professional manner that added to the magic of the day.   When it was all said and done we were presented with photos that will transport us back to that special day for many years to come. Thanks for being a part of the celebration!”

-Dani & Kristen Loewenstein, Golden BC

  “Lois and Noa take amazing photographs! They made both my husband and I feel extremely comfortable and at ease while they were taking our pictures. We were both absolutely thrilled with the outcome if their work. They truly have an excellent eye and know how to capture the emotion in that moment. I will definitely be using Lolo and Noa photography again and would highly recommend them to my friends and family. Keep up the great work.”

-Ashley and Chris, Sicamous BC

  “Lois and Noa have provided us with some of the most precious photos we will ever have. Capturing the energy, emotions, and details of our wedding day. I was very busy bride, with many wedding details to complete, delegating people to tasks,  coordinating bands, guests and the list goes on. It was very nice for me, as a bride, to not have to worry about my photographer. I knew that they understood what I had in mind, and I loved their style. We had a lovely consult/ coffee/ field trip, about a month before the big day. Going over what shots were important for us. I had seen previous photos of theirs and knew they had an exceptional eye for detail….so I let them know a few important shots ( family, groomsmen, and bridesmaids ) and gave them space to do what they do best. I had complete faith in them, and the outcome far exceeded my expectations. I still to this day cherish my wedding photos, and can not thanks them enough. I would highly recommend you choose Lolo & Noa Photography.”

-Karen Keller, Golden BC