We  live  in  one  of  the  most  incredible  places  on  earth.  Situated  in  beautiful  Golden BC,  and  nestled  along  the  edge  of  the  Rocky  Mountains, our  breathtaking  surroundings  inspire  the  mood  and  atmosphere  for  how  your love story  will  unfold,  and  how  we  will  tell  it. We promise to capture  the essence  of  who  you  are together,  and  to  illustrate  your  day  in  the  most  natural  &  true  way  possible. The quiet words whispered between you, the honest & subtle glances, or the soft gentle touches. Allow yourself to be you. Just as you are. We  may  ask  you to hike  up  a  small  trail,  or  climb  around  on  rocks  because  we  love  a  little  adventure, and we hope you do too.  We  are  truly  honoured  that  you  are  considering  us  to photograph  such a  monumental  day  in  your  life, and  that  undoubtedly makes  our  job  the best.  We will leave no special  moment  or  subtle detail  undocumented.  If  you  want  the  so-called  ordinary  moments  in  life  photographed  in  an  extraordinarily  beautiful  way,  come  with  us  and  lets  go find  some beautiful  light.